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Opulentus has been offering world class services to clients in at least half-a-dozen countries including European Union. Started in 2001, Opulentus has become a leader in the immigration industry over a period of time. Although there are many factors that kept Opulentus under spotlight, we credit it to the client care department. Post availing our services, the client care department of Opulentus, which is divided into Opulentus visa support and Opulentus complaints desk, jumps in to the scene to address and resolve clients’ complaints and problems, in case they have any.

Delay In Visa:

Your visa might get delayed by a week’s time compared to that of your spouse’s. You really don’t have to get panic or jump into public forums to open a thread on the same. You are always welcome to approach Opulentus client care department and talk to us regarding your problems.

Visa Not Guaranteed:

Opulentus is just a visa processing agency and it doesn’t guarantee you a visa. In case you are upset that you didn’t get a visa for n number of reasons such as fabricated documentation etc, you can always approach Opulentus complaints desk. If your visa application is genuine, we would encourage you to make an appeal to the concerned immigration authorities through us.

No Refund:

Opulentus clearly tells you before nodding for processing that the one time visa processing fee includes the non-refundable fee that we need to pay to the respective immigration authorities. In case your visa is rejected, we cannot refund the fee you paid us. Opulentus complaints desk would definitely listen to you and look into the issues only if they are in line with the policies of Opulentus.

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