Best Assistance From Opulentus Complaints Desk For Australia PR Visa

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My name is shyam and I am working as a software developer since three years. I have applied for Australia PR visa but unfortunately my visa was rejected due to unsatisfactory submission of documents. Even though I have filed my application complying with the rules and regulations but still my visa was rejected. I was so worried regarding this aspect and I was told by my friend to approach Opulentus.

Upon my friend’s suggestion I have contacted Opulentus and explained about my case. I have filled Opulentus review form and have taken up a pre-assessment test as insisted by Opulentus review team. The review team has evaluated my profile and I was invited by Opulentus review team after two days for further process. They have provided me information required for the immigration process including necessary documents, financial essentials etc. Opulentus review team has assisted me in each and every phase of immigration process and guided me in the right track. They have assisted me by filing my application on my behalf. Even they have helped me in the process of interview preparation.

One of the best things about Opulentus is its complaints division who are equipped especially to deal with clients’ queries and issues. A set of skilled, talented and certified professionals form Opulentus complaints desk that have backed me throughout my journey. They have helped me by resolving my issues concerned with Australia PR visa and made my immigration process easy by evading any sort of delays involved in processing visa application. Opulentus complaints desk has simplified my immigration process and made every attempt to enhance my chances of getting visa. Finally, I am successful in my visa interview and issued with a visa. I am really thankful to Opulentus for its pre-assessment procedure which had helped me to assess myself in every aspect of process. I have received excellent services from you guys during my immigration process and I would definitely recommend you to my friends.

Thanks a lot!!!


  1. Thankyou very much for the help extended to me starting from the point of visa initiation till I acquired it.

  2. I am happy to express that I was successful in obtaining my visa in a period of merely 6 months. Thanks to Opulentus team.

  3. I had a good experience with Opulentus. They have helped with all the necessary information required as and when necessary. Thanks Opulentus.

  4. My experience with Opulentus has been great. I received by Canadian permanent residence visa yesterday for which I am really happy.

  5. I was able to reach my daughter in Hong Kong to support her. This would not have been possible without the timely effort of the Opulentus team.

  6. How do I get this combined visa which is offered by Australia and New Zealand for the ICC World Cup tournament, 2015 ?

    1. As per my knowledge there are two types of Australia permanent resident visas. There are Australia skilled independent 189 visa and Australia skilled nominated subclass 190 visa.

    1. As per my opinion, Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189 and Australia skilled nominated visa subclass 190 are the two best visas to migrate to Australia.

    1. As per my knowledge, you can chose either Australia skilled independent visa subclass 189 or Australia nominated visa 190 subclass, as these visas paves way for permanent residency.

  7. Currently I am in Australia and my visa has got expired. Can anyone please suggest me the further process to stay in my dream country for few more days?

    1. As per my knowledge is your gets expired, just move to the nearby immigration office to overcome your hurdle.

  8. As a skilled worker who wanted to live and work in Australia permanently, I went to Opulentus which helped me realize this dream. I extend my appreciation to them.

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