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Hi friends,

I am very happy and I would like to share my experience with you all regarding my experience with Opulentus. I and my spouse got our Canada visa under the support and guidance of Opulentus.

Actually, my son went to Canada to pursue his higher studies two years back and right now he is working over there. So, I along with my wife planned to visit Canada to surprise him. But, we are unaware of Canada visa process and if we ask our son to assist or guide us, then the entire surprise will get spoiled. Thus, we started seeking immigration consultants to assist us in visa process. During the process of seeking a best immigration consultancy, came across Opulentus visa consultancy. We thought that there is nothing wrong in approaching them for once.

We straight away walk in to their office with some documents. They accessed all our credentials and ensured that our Canada visa will be processed very soon. They asked us to submit all the relevant documents. Their way of treating clients and addressing them is really amazing. Under their guidance and assistance our visa process went on smoothly. We got our Canada visit visa within a short period of time.

As, we are planning to give a sudden surprise to our son we can’t inform him about our arrival. We then started worrying about our accommodation and who will pick us from the airport, as we are new to Canada. Then Opulentus came up with a solution that they even offer post landing services to clients. So, we requested Opulentus to offer post landing services. Their post landing services are really amazing. Our surprise plan to our beloved son has been successful. Our son felt very happy.

Thanks to Opulentus!

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