Opulentus assists clients in going abroad – Review

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This is Naveen from Hyderabad. I was excited about visiting Australia to meet one of friend who resides there. I enquired about the necessary information and the type of the visa that I should require to visit the country.

This is my first experience in visiting a foreign destination.  I had many apprehensions about the process and the requirements to be met. In this regard, I spoke to my friend when he suggested me about Opulentus. I was under the impression that consultancies are money oriented, and hence will not be able to provide genuine services.

With such impression on my mind I visited the office and found much to my surprise that everything over there was not the way I expected to be. The members of the firm have welcomed me, discussed with me about the purpose of the visit and suggested me regarding the requirements and the way I need to get prepared for the interview to have a successful journey.

They have also taken necessary measures to prepare me for the interview and suggested the possible ways to convince the consulate officer about the visit.

I am happy to express that I have got my visa successfully without any trouble as everything was done according to the plan of Opulentus.


  1. I have never expected that immigration process is this easy or maybe it’s the Opulentus team who took care of all the documents and processing. Cheers to Opulentus team.

  2. Opulentus has processed my case effectively and responded to all my queries timely. Thanks for all the support you have provided to me.

  3. Opulentus is an emerging visa consultancy that offers reliable and steadfast visa services to its clients. I have never come across a visa consultancy as such Opulentus in offering such best services.

  4. Opulentus is the best visa consultancy and I am very satisfied with their quality of work. They took care of my entire visa processing and ensured that I was guided properly to the visa interview.

  5. Opulentus has taken care of the entire visa processing. They also helped me in gathering the documents for my visa and processed the visa timely. I did not face any kind of confusions during the process.

  6. I received first-rate visa services from Opulentus firm. They played a vital role in my migration. It’s a revisit consultancy that has ever come across.

  7. I have a dream of relocating to a country that has stunning attractions and metropolitan cities. Can your firm please assist me in that process?

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