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Hi, this is Kumar from Bangalore. I came to know about Opulentus when I actually approached one of their competitors 4 years ago somewhere near Koramangala. It was my first visit to that consultancy (don’t want to mention its name). I could hear another client of this consultancy complain about too many things. I was actually worried when he shared a few lines with me. He said that the consultancy always made false promises and never took any efforts to project them in action. When he stressed that he was received very well at the beginning and was later questioned on so many things they promised with the help of clauses and other things. Also, he told me about Opulentus and regretted for not approaching it.

I quickly kept my documents inside the bag and told the executive-who came for lunch-that I would come back next day as I have some urgent engagement. Immediately I searched for some Opulentus reviews. They were really good. Visited Opulentus office, which was in the same colony, in the evening.

I don’t believe in words; so I actually didn’t care much about those words to be frank. I was only searching for professionalism in their approach. I was very much satisfied with the way things were at Opulentus- systematic. Unlike other visa consultants they were not bitchy nor sounded too sweet, which I liked very much about Opulentus.

They said all the possibilities to search for a job in Canada with my three years experience. However, they clearly said visa would be processed only when I submit all the documents. Excellent—this was the immediate word that actually tried to come out of my vocal chords. I was spell bound with their genuine and straight forward approach. I submitted all my documents and got my visa processed. I hope that I would soon receive a visa.

Other consultancies will talk very sweetly till you sign the documents and they don’t process the visa later on. They will simply dilly-dally and buy time from you. If you kindly remind the status, they would cite all the official communication and legal clauses. I know it friends as I have closely observed some companies that pay deaf ears to their own assurances. Opulentus is not like that.

See, while God is always there to crack his whip on such visa consultancies, we should also be aware and protect ourselves, right? That’s why please approach Opulentus only if you want someone to process your visa without fail. Otherwise, it’s up to you. Remember one thing…There’s no better visa consultancy other than Opulentus.


  1. I’m extremely impressed with kind of work that Opulentus has done regarding my visa. Thanks for my case officer for maintain the continuous rapo.

  2. Opulentus immigration and visa services are genuine. I recommend all my friends and family members to approach Opulentus for any sort of assistance. Opulentus, I want to know the details of UK tier 2 visa processes. Will you help me?

  3. I have heard that USA offers one of the best educations in the world. I am completely amazed by the hi-tech facilities available in its leading institutions. Can you help me be a part of it?

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