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Opulentus is one of excellent immigration consultants across the globe. The company mainly aims to provide superior services to its clients and make the immigration process easy and stress free. Opulentus offers several kinds of business visas immigration visas including student visas,  work visas,   business visas,  investment visas to world’s leading countries such as  UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and  Denmark.

Opulentus maintains fraud protection policy to secure theconfidential information of the client. Our major aim is to protect personal and confidential information securely from outsiders. Government agencies are alone given access to client’s information and if there is a necessity to share this information to outsiders that can be done only with the prior consent of the client.

Opulentus fraud protection policyencrypts thepersonal and confidential information of the client .Thus, avoids an unauthenticated user to read or intercept the data. Opulentus provides best possible solutions to its clients to build confidence and trust among their clients.

Opulentus deals with complaints and provides solutions most diligently and at an early period to ensure that the clients are satisfied with our services. As a part of this procedure, expert team checks for the root cause of the problem, provide a suitable solution, execute them and show the results to the customers.

Clients are advised not to be caught in fake Opulentus fraud complaintsposted by people who wish to damage the reputation of the company. Immigration process can be successful only if the client and customers work together till the end of immigration process.

Opulentus forum is designed for the sake of customers to post their queries, suggestions and concerns. Immigrant aspirants, who wish to know about the requirements of immigration, guidelines, and documents can post their queries in the forum. An expert team will surely provide you the most appropriate answers at an early period


  1. I am really surpassed with the services rendered by Opulentus and its complaints team. The complaints team worked so hard to make my process free of hassles.

  2. I am very glad to receive such exceptional services from Opulentus team. Thanks you very much for you support during my process.

  3. I was trying to migrate to Canada since last six months. But, unfortunately the process was not successful. Upon my friend’s suggestion, I have contacted Opulentus. Now, I got my visa and I’m flying abroad. Thanks Opulentus!!!

  4. I saved my money and time by undertaking the evaluation process of Opulentus. I would be really grateful to you throughout my life.

  5. Opulentus evaluation process is excellent. It has helped me to know my requirements to migrate to a desired nation.

  6. I got my USA student visa in first attempt. This is all because Opulentus and its team without which it would be difficult for me to get hold of visa.

  7. I would like to say thanks to Opulentus especially to its team who has assisted me through all the needs with Canada immigration process.

  8. I am extremely thankful to Opulentus, for providing a par excellent services to me and my partner in a acquiring our US visa.

  9. Thanks Opulentus!
    At present I am in UK, I got my UK visitor visa and your firm has also provided an excellent post landing services, which helped me in arriving UK without any difficulties.

  10. No words to hail the service of Opulentus. They are very caring and helpful. They called me after alighting and were in touch with me for about a week until I am completely settled.

  11. It has been a great experience working with you guys. You have made my immigration process hassle free and simple. I am really happy towards the services you have rendered me.

  12. My sister moved to Germany last week. She availed Opulentus services. During the process we approached Opulentus complaints desk for slow movement of the visa process. They immediately figured out the exact reason behind it and kept us updating. This is a real good support from Opulentus.

  13. I had a great experience with Opulentus. Everything went so smoothly and I was really glad to receive such stupendous services from you guys. I would like to say special thanks to Opulentus and its team.

  14. Opulentus has assisted me throughout my Canada immigration process. Your services are quite good and the staff was so co-operative and guided me in each and every phase of Canada immigration.

  15. My visa to Canada got rejected and I was so upset. Filed a complaint at Opulentus complaints desk they responded immediately. We appealed the second time and was successful. The service helped me to overcome the tough time.

  16. Finally my dream of migrating to Canada has come true by seeking assistance from well experienced and expertised visa counselors of Opulentus. Thanks a lot!!

  17. Opulentus has really helped me in the most important step of immigration process i.e. interview preparation and the work done by Opulentus complaints desk is highly appreciable. Thank you.

  18. Opulentus has assisted me by providing information regarding required documents through which I have successfully filed my visa application.

  19. I have some issues concerned with UK student visa. I heard that Opulentus has a complaints department to resolute immigration issues. So, I would like to know whether Opulentus provides assistance for me in this process.

  20. I am quite impressed with the Opulentus post landing services. Your services were really helpful to me after reaching my destination. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Opulentus.

  21. Hi,
    This is balashankar. I would like to migrate to Australia for pursuing my higher studies. My question is what are the study options available for higher education levels?

  22. I was successful in my immigration process because of Opulentus support and assistance. So, I strongly advise you to approach Opulentus for your immigration process.

  23. Opulentus complaints desk solved my small issue very timely. They advised me to go for a visa appeal, did the same way as suggested and got my visa finally. Good job!

  24. It’s a good company. The experience is satisfactory. Took some time for getting visa but that’s fine as visa processing is at the sole discretion of the immigration authority. Opulentus delivered what it promised.

  25. One of my friends approached Opulentus and I have seen their services closely. I have plans to go overseas this year. Planning to approach Opulentus. What’s your suggestion?

  26. Opulentus guys are so patient. This is something that I really liked about them. Right from day one they listened to all my petty doubts and apprehensions with utmost patience.

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