Genuine Complaints Are Efficiently Handled By Opulentus Team

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Opulentus is one of the best immigration service providers successfully providing visa services for more than 10 years. Opulentus has a dedicated team of visa consultants who are committed to provide quality and exceptional immigration services to each and every immigration aspirant. Well experienced visa consultants of Opulentus are highly knowledgeable and are proficient in providing outstanding immigration services to all its clients across the globe. Opulentus is efficiently providing immigration and visa services to a wide range of countries which include USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, Denmark, Singapore and many others.

Opulentus Immigration Services

Opulentus has designed its services to thoroughly analyze the immigration needs of each and every individual. The visa advisors of Opulentus study your profile to know your immigration needs and suggest an appropriate visa that could work best for you. Opulentus follows a unique style of immigration process which will be beneficial to every immigration aspirant. Here at Opulentus, applicants are evaluated through pre-assessment test where they are requested to fill a form to check their eligibility. This type of pre-assessment is required to save one’s time and money. Our visa advisors also update you with latest ongoing information pertained with immigration process.

Opulentus Visa Consultant Team

Opulentus visa consultants are experts in their domain and can guide you in an efficient way. We provide complete information required for immigration process including documentary, financial necessities, eligibility criterion and other requirements. Opulentus visa advisors assist you in every phase of immigration process. Our immigration service’s cover various types of visas including study, work, temporary, permanent, investment, dependent and many others.

Opulentus Fraud Detection Policy

Opulentus also has a complaints department which works continuously on client’s immigration issues. The complaints team resolves all the issues encountered by Opulentus clients during immigration/visa process. Opulentus complaints department follows a fraud detection policy to identify any sort of fraudulence activities involved in immigration process. Thus, Opulentus makes your immigration process easy and enhances your chances of obtaining desired visas.


  1. Hi,
    My visa was rejected due to some sort of fraud activities. My friend suggested me to contact Opulentus. I have contacted Opulentus and explained about the case. Opulentus complaints team has resolved my issues and finally, I got my visa.
    My sincere thanks to Opulentus and its team.

  2. My sincere thanks to Opulentus and its team. Without you it would be difficult for me to migrate to Australia. Thank you so much for your guidance.

  3. Opulentus has been an ideal guide and I actually feel proud that I have preferred Opulentus immigration consultancy services above others for my migration purpose.

  4. I have a problem concerned with my visa problem. I have seen your services and I will approach you very soon. Thank you.

  5. I would like to express my happiness by saying thousands of thanks to Opulentus. Finally, I got my Australia student visa to immigrate. Thank you very much.

  6. The immigration experts of Opulentus complaints department are knowledgeable and highly talented they assisted me and solved all my issues.

  7. It’s superb that an immigration consultant also provides excellent post landing services to clients after the visa approval.

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