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Hey guys, this is Sebastian  from Hong Kong. I am basically from Australia who came with my parents when I was young and settled here. A musician by profession, I have been into music for quite some time. I once got a good opportunity to give an audition in the United States. I approached some local visa agent, who ripped me and processed visa without proper documents due to which my visa was rejected. Angry and depression both paralyzed my thoughts for two days until one of my friends told me about Opulentus visa company. He even took me there and listened to my concern. They were shocked by the way the previous visa agent took me for a ride and said that getting a tourist/visit visa was an easy thing. Since I already tried that, they suggested me to go on business visa. I didn’t know anything about it. I just asked them to see to it that I get a visa. They took the necessary documents and got my visa processed successfully. I have finally got visa and gave auditions. If selected, I might have to migrate to US. Will approach Opulentus again and know more about it. Opulentus was really of great help to me. I recommend this visa company to all my near and dear ones.

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