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Leading immigration company, Opulentus has been rendering world class services in visa and post landing services. With a strong client base across the globe, Opulentus is a trusted name in the industry. Recently, it has started an exclusive desk, which is dedicated to track the concerns of clients related to post-visa processing, pay maximum attention towards them and see to it that they get addressed to the satisfaction of clients. Typically, visa concerns would include:-

  • Delay in getting visa
  • Rejection of visa (note visa rejection is at the sole discretion of the visa company)
  • Issue related to post-landing service
  • Getting mugged up by unknown people who use our name
In first case, our immigration executives would listen to the client, assure him/her that we are there and appeal to him/her to bear with Opulentus for few more days. This will make client happy as we don’t want to say like other visa companies—‘we processed your visa and our duty is over.’ When client approaches Opulentus complaints desk with the second concern, our team would do the best to appeal the high command to grant him/her visa. We appealed many applications successfully. Sometimes when people avail our post-landing services, they may face some problems with the house-owner over personal reason that has nothing to do with our assurances or services. Even in such worst cases, Opulentus would talk to the owner and try to see to it that our client is happy. In extreme cases, people may level baseless allegations against us, who are actually not our clients. Earlier, it has happened with us. Someone took Mr. A for a ride by using our name. If you come across such person, you must cooperate with Opulentus-as a moral responsibility-to ensure that other person will not be looted like you.

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