Opulentus Complaints Desk Looks Into Grievances of Clients

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Immigration major Opulentus has been rendering world class visa related services to clients in over ten countries. With a strong client base and objectivity to solve problems, Opulentus has rolled out something called Opulentus complaints desk in order to look into grievances of clients and apprehensions of prospective clients as well.

 Anyone who has any query or issue is encouraged to write to Opulentus complaints desk at [email protected] Once our team receives the complaint, they would go through to place it under the appropriate category.  After careful study of your grievance, our representatives would look into the matter if that can be practically resolved.

 If problems, that include visa rejection, can’t be helped by Opulentus as the grant of a particular visa will be at sole discretion of the immigration authority of that particular country, we would tell the same to the client through email as well as on the phone.

 We even help him/her to apply for a visa appeal.  Sometimes visa companies reject your application, even if your documentation is proper, in case you find as a potential settler to them. Through a visa appeal, you would tell the immigration authority that you would intend to work or study there on a temporary basis and would come back to the country of his/her birth.

 In some cases, it came to our notice that a few people are claiming themselves as representatives of Opulentus and approaching the prospective clients’ home for collecting fee to do the needful. This is something that should be brought to our notice immediately. Opulentus complaints desk will help you find the fraudster as we actually don’t involve any third party and we do provide bills.

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  1. Opulentus has provided me the best services according to my convince, my visa has been processed and looking forward for positive reply.

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