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Opulentus Brought Me Out Of Depression

Dear Opulentus, thank you for your support, which has brought me out of the depression. Born into a conventional marwadi family, my family got me married at the age of 22. The groom was settled in USA and things were finalized rather quickly unlike other weddings. Within two days after the ceremony, my husband left for US on urgent work. He gave me all the required documents to get a dependent visa and has, in fact, left the entire responsibility on my parents’ shoulders. We somehow processed the application through a local vendor but we came to know that the application was rejected. I had to wait for months and was eventually pushed into depression. As my parents too got worried about the matter, our close friends told my parents about Opulentus. Opulentus studied the case of rejection. It was very simple—we didn’t get a marriage certificate. Upon the suggestions of Opulentus, we quickly applied and got a marriage certificate. Opulentus appealed my case and finally I got a dependant visa. It was simple but we didn’t know the right process. All in all, I cannot forget the help of Opulentus.

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