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Opulentus aspires to investigate and resolve the problem of the clients received as complaints. We initially try to identify the problem and try to fix them in a minimum possible time.

Client are welcomed to complaint about any matter that relate to an issue regarding the services that you have received from us, the time consumed for the processing of your application, process failure which include the failure of us for we have not followed our standard instructions or procedures and other matters that relate to the process of immigration not merely if you are unhappy with the result .There should be a genuine reason behind it.

Here we try to reconsider the case and try to look at the issue freshly. We welcome you approach us to discuss and know about the failure in the immigration process. If it is found to be genuine Opulentus complaints desk consider the case and start working on the case dedicatedly.

Clients are expected to cooperate with us in providing us the necessary documentation along with necessary information. We expect you to provide us the description of the reason for the complaint shortly and precisely. If you find that we have met with failure in the process you can let us know about what we did not follow and the effect that it had on your application.

Opulentus aims to respond quickly and thus suggests the client to provide all the necessary information regarding the complaint in the initial process of dealing with the complaint.

We follow certain principles to assess complaints. We make an earnest attempt to correct ourselves if we are wrong, provide timely response and try to understand the complaint thinking from the point of the client and thus allow us to discuss with the client where we went wrong.

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