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Opulentus equipped with proactive complaints team 

Opulentus rolled out to be industry leader in providing immigration services and is renowned for its quality and trustable immigration services. From past 10 years, Opulentus has been offering reliable visa services to clients across the globe. Opulentus is successfully catering to all the growing immigration needs. Opulentus has a visa consultant team with high expertise and members are well versed with the immigration process. Offering genuine and quality migration services is the success secret of Opulentus.

Opulentus Complaints

Opulentus Immigration Services 

The visa consultant team at Opulentus is highly practiced and has vast knowledge in various aspects of immigration process. Migrating to other country is not an easy task and it involves lots of complications. Even a single error in the process may result in rejection of your visa application. You need to know all the immigration rules and regulations of the desired country which involves lots of research. So, you need a genuine visa consultancy where you need to think of Opulentus. Opulentus immigration process is completely unique, which makes your immigration process so simple.

Opulentus follows a pre-assessment test before starting the actual immigration process. This pre-assessment test is a good initiative adopted by Opulentus, to save one’s time and money. Modern techniques are implemented by the Opulentus to provide distinct services to all clients across the world. Our visa advisors will guide you in all possible ways to make your immigration process successful. 

Opulentus Complaints Team

Opulentus has a complaints team who continuously work on client’s issues at all times. At times, migration process involves lot of fraudulence activities and one can easily get trapped into these activities. With an intention to offer legitimate immigration services, Opulentus complaints department follows a sophisticated fraud detection policy which is used to identify various immigration issues. Our complaints team will address all your immigration issues and make efforts to resolve them on time. We have pragmatic knowledge in every aspect of immigration process and we resolve the issue by identifying the root cause of the problem. Our testimonials itself prove how best we are at offering immigration services.


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  1. Brahma

    I would like to appreciate Opulentus and its team for its great job. You guys have resolved my issues concerned with Australia PR visa. I will be grateful to you throughout my life.

  2. Sudhir

    I have many issues concerned with Australia PR program by reading this I think you would be the right destination for me.

    1. Giresh

      For Australia PR you are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) under Skilled Independent visa (Sub class 189) and later be invited to apply through SkillSelect

    2. Bavyanand

      The job for which you are applying for Australia PR program has to be in the Skilled Occupation list (SOL)

  3. Mathew

    I got my visa issued today. I am very happy towards the services delivered by Opulentus and its team. Thanks Opulentus!!!

  4. Sanjay Kumar

    I am so happy to get my Canada Visa. The entire credit goes to Opulentus and its team without which it would be difficult for me to obtain visa.

  5. Ravindra

    Opulentus visa counselors were so helpful to me throughout the immigration process. Your guidance is the only reason behind the success of my visa interview.

  6. Gangadhar

    I am looking for a genuine visa consultancy to process my visa application. After knowing your services I will definitely approach you soon.

  7. Jinnu

    Opulentus complaints desk was definitely customer friendly. They helped me when I was struck without any option during my Australia visa process.

  8. feroz

    Opulentus has helped me in acquiring Australia PR. My sincere gratitude to Opulentus and its entire team who have assisted me during my immigration process.

  9. Julia

    My Australia PR visa was rejected for two times. Upon my friend’s suggestion, I have approached Opulentus overseas Careers immigration service. Opulentus complaints department was so supportive and they have resolved my queries and issues. Thanks Opulentus.

  10. Latha

    I have received finest immigration services from Opulentus immigration consultancy. My visa process was successful and finally I was granted with the visa. Thanks Opulentus.

  11. spandana

    I really got inspired by the level of service provided by Opulentus. I would like to thank you guys for doing such a great job. Opulentus is the best consultancy I have ever seen.

  12. Yuvraj

    The complaints department of Opulentus is so good and supportive. They have provided me answers for all my queries whenever I have contacted. Thanks a lot.

  13. Satyanaik

    I would like to appreciate the professionalism of Opulentus complaints division. They have guided me very well and the suggestion provided by them was really helpful to me.

  14. Jagapathi

    I am really grateful to Opulentus and its team of professionals who have backed me throughout the immigration process. I would definitely approach you for further any immigration procedures.

  15. Avinash

    My issues concerned with UK student visa have been solved by Opulentus complaints team. I would like to appreciate them for rendering such valuable services.

  16. Kadir

    I am Kadir, I want to migrate to Us for the purpose of education. I don’t know the US immigration process. I will approach Opulentus complaints department very soon to process my visa.

  17. Hemant

    Visa experts at Opulentus complaints desk answered to my questions very clearly. I was inspired by the way they have worked to process my visa Canadian application efficiently.

  18. Ranjit

    The services provided by the Opulentus help desk team are extraordinary. I am very thankful to the entire team.

  19. Ashvini

    Well-experienced professionals of Opulentus complaints team literally worked day and night to iron out my issues. Thanks a lot.

  20. Yatindra

    Opulentus complaints team of visa professionals promptly addressed to all my queries and provided personal support to me whenever it is required.

  21. Aman

    By and far I have approached almost all top visa firms. Opulentus can be rightly placed in top ten visa companies in the world. Everything is very systematic at Opulentus and the fee they charge is nominal compared to others.

  22. Monik

    Opulentus is surely going to go down into history. I think it was in 2000 I first got a visa through Opulentus. Since then I have been availing their services as I’m a frequent traveler.

  23. Senthil Kumar

    I want to migrate to Denmark on student visa but I have no idea about its immigration process. I may approach Opulentus customer support team for the details of Denmark immigration.

  24. Vasudev

    I have applied for Canada work permit, but regrettably it was disapproved. I have consulted Opulentus complaints department they have advised me and elucidated the cause behind the visa disapproval.

  25. Rishish

    I have applied for Australia visa I got rejected. I approached Opulentus complaint department they assisted me in processing my Australia visa for the second time.

  26. Kamal

    Opulentus has guided me very well throughout my immigration process. I was inspired by the way they have worked and responded to all my queries. Thanks to Opulentus.

  27. Amandip

    Opulentus visa counselors are highly talented and proficient in assisting its clientele. You can contact Opulentus for any immigration services.

  28. Sujatha Reddy

    Had Opulentus not been there, I would have not gotten a visa for sure. Thanks guys, you guys are rocking.

  29. Rishi

    Whatever Opulents says, it will stand by it. Some companies change with figures and see to it that you are at loss and enjoy it. Opulentus is highly professional company and cares for clients’ pockets.

  30. Arvind

    The professionals of Opulentus complaints department are highly talented and experienced in the field of immigration from past several years.

  31. Shashi

    Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus help desk for processing my US Student visa and also for clarifying all my immigration doubts.

  32. Vijay Kumar

    The professionals of Opulentus complaints team are supportive and they used to provide me regular updates regarding my visa status.

  33. Harika

    I was inspired by the high level of service and dedication shown towards me during my immigration process. I don’t have any words to define the service of Opulentus, but, all I can say is Opulentus is the best visa consultants that I have seen ever.

  34. Harish

    I express my sincere thanks to the team at Opulentus. They considered my case earnestly and kept me updating on the latest information on immigration.

  35. Kapil

    I thank Opulentus and its entire team for its highly professionalized service and support. You have made my visa process very simple and easy. I would be grateful to you throughout my life.

  36. LOKESH

    Opulentus complaints desk is the best thing they have done. All my queries were clarified and they provided me with a lot of information.

  37. Triyambak

    I am die-hard fan of Opulentus. They processed my visa timely. I would have been no where without Opulentus. I highly recommend Opulentus.

  38. Akash

    Opulentus deals with clients at utmost care and responsibility. Opulentus complaints department team takes the accountability of all genuine clients’ issues and claims.

  39. Suhasini

    I approached Opulentus when I was in need of UK student visa. They processed my visa timely. I really like their services.

  40. Anitha

    I am regular client of Opulentus. In fact I have been their visitor for the past ten years for all my family members’ visa related needs. They are the best.

  41. Srihari

    Opulentus has complaints desk in place that takes care of the concerns of clients. When I had some problem related to my house owner, I simply approached Opulentus complaitns desk who look into the problem and found another house for me as I availed their post landing services when I moved to London.

  42. Deepu

    I wanted to migrate to UK on a work visa. Went to Opulentus and told them about the same. The counselors at Opulentus clearly told me as to how the rules in UK have become stringent and also the way job market has come down. They asked me to try for a job in Canada and apply for Canada FSW program. I went with their suggestions and applied for FSW through them.

  43. Vikas

    Opulentus ensures genuine and trust worthy immigration services. Opulentus is well professionalized firm and cares for clients’ pockets.

  44. Ankith

    Opulentus complaint desk team provides the best expert guidance, all your doubts and issues are given equal importance and they came with the best solution in my case. Thanks a lot.

  45. Ashivani

    I am very happy with the service of Opulentus. I advise everyone to approach Opulentus to obtain their visas successfully.

  46. Nitin

    Opulentus has stood true to its name of being in the forefront of immigration consultancies. Special thanks to the Case Officer who painstakingly explained the entire visa process to me.

  47. Vinuth

    I am impressed with the customer service department of Opulentus. They patiently listened to all my petty issues.

  48. Dinendra

    Opulentus is the best visa consultancy I have approached. They fulfilled my requirements regarding the visa processing. Thanks a lot for the support.

  49. Vivek

    I approached Opulentus with just one dream—work overseas. They guided me properly and processed Danish green card. If I am in Denmark today, the credit goes to Opulentus only.

  50. Vishal

    I can assure, no other consultancy is as equivalent to that of Opulentus for letting ones visas get approved in no time. A special thanks to entire firm.

  51. Pushkar

    Thanks to entire team of Opulentus for helping me throughout the visa processing. It wouldn’t have been possible if I dint approach you guys. Thanks a lot.

  52. Neha

    Opulentus has helped me a lot with my visa processing. I really appreciate their work. Thanks a lot for the support. Especially my case officer.

  53. Rajat

    I got my Denmark green card with the help of Opulentus. Big thanks to the whole team for guiding and assisting me. Thank you very much.

  54. Deepa

    My journey with Opulentus was awesome and I suggest you all to approach Opulentus for sort of visa services. The expertise team of Opulentus assists the clients with utmost care and concern. I found no other visa consultancy is as such Opulentus.

  55. Suraj

    Opulentus is the best visa consultancy. They took care of my entire visa processing and even guided me through every step. Thanks a lot for the help.

  56. Aftab

    Opulentus is an emerging visa consultancy that has experts who stand behind till the end of our immigration process. I have become a big fan of their visa consultancy.

  57. Perveiz

    If I am already in Canada, do I still have to pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee?
    Are there any other fees or costs associated with the Canadian Immigration application pr

  58. Veena

    I am lucky to have brought into being immigration consultants. I would advise any of my friends if Opulentus is concerned in any way with the process.

  59. Vastav

    Though they charged tad higher when I moved to Australia, Every issue I had got cleared by opulentus management team, that even after I moved to Australia.Then I felt opulentus have the good customer centric.

    All the best to opulentus team and management , this would bring you the more recurring business

  60. Swaraj

    Opulentus has provided excellent service in my PR processing. I was happy with my case officer. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us. With his help, I was able to file EOI under the NSW state nomination.

    Thank you Oplentus team, all the best in helping the ambitious people like me to pursue their career.

  61. Mohan krishna

    Mostly as a middle-class family like me always desire to take the career to the next level.Lots of plans I fix to do some of them would work and rest doesn’t work, each and every single harden penny is important for me to step further in my career.Opulentus helped me in each and every step to immigrate to Canada.
    My family and I are gratitude to opulentus team always.

  62. Jithendra swamy

    What I feel is providing pre-service is everyone does for the sake of sales to improve business and revenue, but the organization that provides post service in time and care for clients will be the winner of the game.I have the same feeling on opulentus.

  63. Dharmender

    I am blissful and impressed by the professional approach of Opulentus towards me, depth of knowledge, experience and making every communication crisp and clear. Special thanks to the opulent us team which is the point of contact with me and consistently guided me at every step and clearing all my doubts. Today I am with the visa because of opulentus.I wish all best wishes to the opulentus group

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Dharmender,

      We are very thankful for sharing your precious feedback; we are feeling delighted for serving you.

  64. Deepak Chand

    Opulentus and Opulentus team made my process very easy without hurdles. Immigration process Is entirely new to me; Opulentus never gave me the sort of feeling that Immigration is unknown body.They have the huge intangible asset called BRAND in the market.

    They care for the clients; maybe that is the reason they are sustaining from years. Keep it up Opulentus team.

  65. Rohan shetty

    Opulentus made my process straightforward and neat; various Immigrations consultants had approached me past view years, but they are troublesome, only worried about the commercial aspect never for the customer.At the time I am losing hopes, I got a call from Opuletnus sales team, fine the I made my final try. Actually, the team is amazing they first took out my pain points and got the solutions.

    They follow certain fundamentals step by step.Maybe that would be the
    reason for them to have a great brand value.Indeed glad for writing this comment.

  66. Vidhut

    Solution to the problem is very important than to skip it, I have only in my mind to leave the USA, but my eligibility criteria haven’t met, I lost all hopes.Here the problem I don’t have the enough knowledge.

    Then I met Opulentus team; they suggested me Australia based on my points criteria.Which is signification to any consultants to serve the customer with replacing of product that satisfies.


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